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News and information for our habitat restoration projects.

Prescribed Burn Sorber Mountain 2020

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has completed a controlled burn on May 21, 2020. This will help to improve habitat for many different spiecies of Wildlife for years into the future.

There were 7 goals outlined with objectives to reduce the amount of undesirable species within a clear cut of a timber sale and promote further growth of more desirable species. Along with safety,monitoring fire behavior, communications and others.

I was present and would like to say, I personally have never experienced such professionalism the Pennsylvania Game Commission personal orchestrated during the entire process . They were well organized well disciplined and worked as a team that was unsurpassed.

I was also happy and thankful to be a volunteer that gave to me the opportunity to be present to witness this incredible event. My hat off to The Pennsylvania Game Commission for all they do.

Seed Subsity Program through National Wild Turkey Federation 2020

NWTF Subsidy Program

Dear NWTF Members,Once again, your State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is offering seed and possibly other land management products to its adult members at a discount through the State Subsidy Program.

This exclusive online ordering system will give you the member the opportunity to quickly and easily pay for your subsidized order, saving time and helping us to continue to improve our efficiency.

This online ordering system will replace printed forms and eliminate the need to fax or mail your order as you did in the past. This will give you access to available products in your state and you will receive a confirmation email at the end of your order. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please check your SPAM folder.

This is a first-come, first-served program, so order early!  We are unable to accept phone orders.

To view your state’s offerings and access the new online system, visit

NOTE: To access the online ordering page, the cookies on your computer must be enabled. You must either enter your membership number or type your name and address exactly as it appears on the address of Turkey Country magazine.

Trapping Wild Turkeys 2020

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is working constantly to keep up with changing wildlife populations. When it comes to the Wild Turkey it is no exception. The PGC Wild Turkey Biologist work hard to understand the wild turkey. To better understand turkeys sometimes they find it necessary to trap turkeys to install a band on the leg of the turkey.

The turkeys are trapped using cannon nets and are then put into boxes to keep them from harm while other turkeys are processed. After removing the turkey from the holding box it is necessary to cover the turkey head using a sock or small cloth to keep the turkey from trashing while installing the leg band and taking the other information from the captured turkeys.

Litter control

The Red Rock Chapter takes pride in knowing we not only take care of wildlife, but perform community services also. Litter Clean-up not only serves as beautification it is good for the wildlife.

Litter from individuals that have no regard for our beautiful Pennsylvania State Game Lands. Nor do they care about wildlife, is the reason many volunteers take to roadways to perform a service for everyone to enjoy. We are thankful PENN DOT works with us when we perform a road clean-up , we put the trash collected in a approved pick-up area, and PENN DOT have the trash hauled to a approved landfill site.