NWTF Logo blackWelcome to the National Wild Turkey Federation: Red Rock Chapter website. Here you will find information about all of our events and activities; including annual banquets, J.A.K.E.S. events, food planting, and other activities that promote the conservation of the wild turkey.

Who we are

We are a very active group of volunteer individuals who share a common goal; the preservation and conservation of the wild turkey.

Our History

On November 3, 1994, the Red Rock Chapter received its charter from the National Wild Turkey Federation, Edgefield SC.

For over 25 years, we have organized and participated in numerous hands-on habitat improvement projects on public lands. To this date, we have made habitat improvements to over 200 acres of PA State Game Lands. The enhancements included border cuts, browse cuts, timber cuts, apple tree pruning, barberry plantings, crab apple tree plantings, plowing, liming, fertilizing,  planting food plots, and helping with prescribed fire as a way to help wildlife and forest regeneration.  Our Chapter has raised over ½ million dollars to date and has been responsible for well over  30,000 dollars back into the soil right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In 1998, the Chapter received the “Outstanding Service Award” from the Pennsylvania State Chapter and we were acknowledged as the Most Active Chapter in the state. Our past 17 out of 19  Super Fund Banquets have obtained the Golden Gobbler level (thanks to all those who donated and/or attended out hunting heritage banquets) we host annual JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge Ethics and Sportsmanship) and WITO (Women in the Outdoors) events. Our chapter is actively involved with community based projects, we distribute NWTF educational boxes to educators, and we have contributed to the Hunting Heritage Fund and we support various local charities. Our Chapter also funds other conservation organizations.

Other Outreach Programs

Turkey Hunters Care Program a program designed to help less fortunate families a turkey for their holiday meal. To date we have distributed over 500  turkeys to needy families.

Annual Scholarship Program the Red Rock Chapter will give to a deserving senior a 1 time scholarship to help further his career in the outdoors.

Wheelin Sportsman Program, this program is for handicap persons. We can help handicap persons to further their opportunities in the great outdoors.