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Dale Butler is the President of the Red Rock Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), A Life Member of the North American Hunting Club and a member of the Pennsylvania Deer Association. He is past President of the PA Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. He also served as Chairman of the Board. Dale was inducted into the Turkey Hunter Hall of Fame in January 2005. Dale teaches turkey calling through seminars and NWTF programs such as the youth J.A.K.E.S. event and the Women in the Outdoors program. Under Dale’s directions the Red Rock Chapter has planted and clear cut hundreds of acres of game lands and restored historic buildings and trails on public lands. Dale is also the recipient of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Life Conservation Award. His commitment and dedication to the environment and outdoor awareness has been recognized by many agencies both on the state and national levels. Dale is a professional turkey hunter, guiding for Full Fan Lodge in Susquehanna County. He is the owner of Redneck Turkey Calls and a former professional turkey caller. He now judges turkey-calling contests throughout the state of Pennsylvania. He also enjoys deer hunting, snake hunting and fishing. Dale is widowed and lives in Noxen, Pennsylvania. You can E-MAIL Dale at:

Prescribed Fire

Controlled burns are a effective way to remove undesirable weed species. Burns also regenerate growth that may not have had a chance to thrive due to less desirable plant types. these pictures are of grassy fields being burned, however there are many burns that have been done and many scheduled for forest areas that will create new cover and food sources, for many different types of wildlife.

Prescribed fire is a great way to improve habitat for many different types of wildlife.

Please remember prescribed burns should only be performed by professionals. Fires can be unpredictable and dangerous if you are untrained on fire controls.

Trapping Wild Turkeys 2020

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is working constantly to keep up with changing wildlife populations. When it comes to the Wild Turkey it is no exception. The PGC Wild Turkey Biologist work hard to understand the wild turkey. To better understand turkeys sometimes they find it necessary to trap turkeys to install a band on the leg of the turkey.

The turkeys are trapped using cannon nets and are then put into boxes to keep them from harm while other turkeys are processed. After removing the turkey from the holding box it is necessary to cover the turkey head using a sock or small cloth to keep the turkey from trashing while installing the leg band and taking the other information from the captured turkeys.

Litter control

The Red Rock Chapter takes pride in knowing we not only take care of wildlife, but perform community services also. Litter Clean-up not only serves as beautification it is good for the wildlife.

Litter from individuals that have no regard for our beautiful Pennsylvania State Game Lands. Nor do they care about wildlife, is the reason many volunteers take to roadways to perform a service for everyone to enjoy. We are thankful PENN DOT works with us when we perform a road clean-up , we put the trash collected in a approved pick-up area, and PENN DOT have the trash hauled to a approved landfill site.

Red Rock Chapter Annual Hunting Heritage Banquet 2020

To be held March 7, 2020 at the Apple Tree Terrace, 4 Newberry Estates, Dallas PA, 18612. Door open at 5:00 PM Dinner at 6:30 PM. Great fun, prizes and raffles.

To register and purchase tickets for this event use this URL. and click on purchase tickets and membership.

Or go to , events, search by state, (Pennsylvania) search by chapter( Red Rock Local), and register.

For more information you can contact our Red Rock Chapter coordinators using either of the following email: or

Everyone is invited but must be pre-registered.